Wind energy opportunities and challenges in focus at CANWEA

AC883 ventured to Calgary for The Canadian Wind Energy Association’s annual conference and exhibition at the beginning of November. Our clients told us how much they appreciated having the unique insight and insider knowledge we can provide to navigate the North American market, especially after a year of great highs and low lows in the wind industry that highlighted the stark provincial differences in policy.

Credit: CANWEA

Credit: CANWEA

The wind industry in Canada is undergoing a number of changes at the moment and new entrants need to be informed of the trends on a regional level in order to succeed. Let’s use two provinces as examples. On the one hand, the Ontario government recently suspended development of new wind projects. The ruling doesn’t affect the projects already approved and permitted, such as Pattern Energy’s 300MW development slated to begin construction in 2018, but for developers, this province is not their market. However, Ontario’s 2300 turbines currently in operation still need servicing and maintenance.

Alberta, however, has a bright future. The provincial government’s plan to phase out 6300 MW of coal-fired electricity generation by 2030, and replace two-thirds of it with renewable energy. It’s expected to drive development of at least 4,000 MW of new wind energy capacity, positioning Alberta to reap significant economic and environmental benefits. In other words, it’s an exciting new market for developers and suppliers.

The event provided a unique forum to discuss the future of wind energy and technology in Canada and showcase the latest technologies available in the industry. It was also a time to reconnect with our extensive network across North America while at the same time making important new connections. Major OEMs were extremely interested in the products and solutions that AC883’s clients offered to their business. Our meeting schedule was jam-packed and our European clients greatly benefitted from face-to-face meetings with new potential business partners in North America.

We’ll discuss the topic of wind energy in Canada in further detail in the weeks to come, because there is so much to understand about what is happening and why. In the meantime, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact us directly.


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